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App Benefits

Take Your League to the Next Level with the League Source App

Improve Communication

Always keep your youth sports parents and adult sports participants the loop with league updates

Better Marketing and Promotion

Promote your upcoming leagues to past participants

Stay Organized

Keep all your camp reminders, messages, schedules, documents, and media in one place for youth sports parents and adult sports participants to easily access throughout camp.

Increase Revenue and Fundraising

The only league administration app that will help your league increase fundraising and revenue rather than spending it

100% FREE for the League Administrator

100% FREE For The League Administrator. All app features are always free for your league to use if you chose them to be.

Flexible, Streamlined, and Easy to Use

Flexible to use alongside any system you already have. Streamlined league operations and easy to use from a single admin dashboard.

App Features

a single admin portal

Streamline League operations from a single admin portal

Organize fundraisers

Organize fundraisers to support league needs.

League Updates Via League Newsfeed

Post all league updates and reminders on your league's own newsfeed.

Manage Gallery

Manage photo gallery and cataloged albums

updates via push notification

Real time updates to parents via push notification

Share League schedule

Share your league's schedules and post detailed information.

Easily Communicate with Parents Through Chat and Email

Stay connected with parents throughout the season.

Promote Upcoming Registrations to Past Participants

All previous leagues will be archived with the ability to communicate with past participants through the app.

Streamlined and Easy to Use Dashboard

Manage your leagues and stay organized on one streamlined, easy to use sports league management dashboard. Create as many leagues, divisions and teams as you need.

League Newsfeed

Send updates and reminders or post engaging content on your own League Newsfeed. Make sure youth sports parents or your adult sports participants are always in the loop with important league information and never miss a thing!

Picture and Video Sharing

Give youth sports parents or adult sports participants an inside by easily sharing pictures and video right inside the App!

Create League Schedules and Tournament Brackets

Take the hassle out of scheduling with a simple and easy to use league scheduler. Anytime results are posted, standings will update automatically and participants will be notified immediately! Already have a scheduler in place? No problem, you can link it right inside the App!

Push Notifications and Messaging

No more having to worry about important information getting lost through email or participants having to go find your information somewhere else. Anytime something is posted or uploaded to the App participants will get notified immediately in real time. Send messages to the entire league, a specific division, or individual participants to make sure they have all the important information they need at the tips of their fingers!

League Document Center

Upload all your leagues important documents such as handbooks, rules, schedules, supplemental material and more for participants to have access to all season.

Team Group Chat

Allow participants to communicate via group chat right inside the App to make sure all teammates are always in the loop with team activities!

League Fundraising Campaigns

Those that rely on fundraising can have the option to run a fundraising campaign right inside the App. Set goals, rally participants, and have a detailed transaction history to make sure your fundraising campaigns are always a success!

How It Works

Administrators will manage their leagues on the League Source App from their Admin Portal in their account on this website. Parents will download the League Source App from the App Store to get connected to your league.

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The League Source App and all its features can always be 100% FREE for the League Administrator. Access your League App Admin Portal in your League Source Account and start using the App immediately.
Easy and Upfront Pricing with No Hidden Fees, Licensing Fees, or Long Term Commitments
Leagues with razor thin budgets can have participants pay a one time nominal activation fee or the league can pay through an affordable and flexible annual subscription. Contact to get your plan set up today!
Easily Onboard Participants via Email
A link will be sent out to parents to initiate parent on boarding with just one click to get them connected to your league.
Increase League Revenue
Use the app as a vehicle for fundraising through participant activation fees or allow donations to come in directly through the app to help fund your programs.
Send Reminders
Remind your parents to complete on boarding prior to the start of the season.
Start Using the App
Start using the app as early as you want leading up to or on the first day of the season.
Continue to Promote Your Programs for Upcoming Registrations
Once the league has ended your participants will be archived allowing you to market and promote upcoming programs to them.

League Source App Pricing

Flexibility You Need. Affordability You Deserve.

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Custom League Management App

Do you have a large  sports operation that serves 5000 or more participants a year? We can create an independent custom branded revenue generating league management application to serve your program at no cost to you. A perfect solution for large Sports Associations, YMCA Associations, City and County Recreation Departments, Park Districts, Non-Profit Sports Organizations, and many more. Request a proposal to get started today!

100% Free for League Pricing

$2.99 per user
Parents make a ONE TIME payment to activate their account. Once their account is activated they never pay again and can connect to as many leagues with as many kids as they need.

Paid Plans

All paid plans are an annual subscription based on how many annual participants you have in your programs. If you subscribe your participants do not pay an activation fee. If you need to add additional users you can make a one time payment to add more or change your subscription anytime. Subscriptions are up to a max of 2500 annual participants per account. If you are a large multi-site sports organization with more than 2500 participants annually contact us for pricing options, including how we can create your own custom branded app!


Purchase Additional Users

If you have an unexpected increase in participants and need to add users to your plan you can purchase in blocks of 50 users for a single payment of $19.99. You can also change your subscription at anytime to upgrade your plan. Contact to add to or change your league’s plan!

Making League Administration a Breeze.

*Sports Parents easily download the mobile app on iPhone, iPad and all Android devices from 5.5

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